We Have The Most Innovative & Effective Products For Enhancing Outdoor Living You’ll Find Anywhere In Ohio

From Pergolas & Louvered Roofs… To Gutters & Gutter Covers…We Have Anything & Everything You Could Possibly Need, And The Experts On Standby To Help You Choose.

You’ll Love Our No-Games, No-Pressure, No-Gimmicks Approach. Getting Exactly What You Need At A Great Price Is Easy.

Let’s face it. Many contractors are ONLY concerned with “closing the sale” in the shortest amount of time. To do this, they force you to pick from maybe 2 or 3 ho-hum products (regardless if any of them are right for your situation), cut corners on installation, and offer barebones, 1 or 2 year warranties.

Simply put, they disregard the solution you need for your home… and focus solely on the solution they need to collect the check as fast as possible.

At Alt’s, we don’t play those games.

We Are A “Sales-Pressure-Free, Solutions-First” Kind Of Company.
We know no two homeowners are in the same situation. We take the time to listen, evaluate, and cater to your needs. We’re the only company in Ohio that has taken the time to gather all of the best outdoor-living products you could possibly need and become the leading authority on installing them… while utilizing absolutely NO sales pressure during our consultation.

Simply put, we carefully assess your situation, suggest the perfect product for your home, and let YOU make up your mind.

We Insist On Perfection—So We Never Hire Subcontractors Or Day Laborers.
Our installers are EMPLOYEES—all certified, trained, uniformed, professional, experienced, and courteous.

Sure, it costs us a little more to hire employees over subcontractors. But the difference in installation quality is just too drastic to even consider outsourcing your project to inexperienced, “will-work-for-pennies” subcontractors. Subcontractors get paid a low wage per piece, so quality takes a backseat to speed—not good when YOU have invested a lot of money in their performance.

We pay our installers a good wage because we value the quality of work they do—not the amount of work they can get done. In fact, our installation process is so streamlined and efficient, it allows us to keep our prices extremely competitive.

We do the job once; we do the job right.

Our Last Name Is On Our Business, So We Take Pride In Our Work.
We use only the superior innovative products, never cut corners, prohibit any kind of sales pressure, always guarantee a fair price, and back up our work with a TRUE Lifetime Labor Warranty. Our “Customer-First, Customer-Always” approach creates a stress-PROOF project— from beginning to end.

If that sounds like the kind of contractor you’re looking for, contact us. We would be honored to discuss your project with you.


Ross Alt (Vice President)