All of our services can be used commercially to improve your business’s appeal and function, while wowing customers

Certain industries thrive off of taking advantage of the beauty of the outdoors. Customers, patrons, and guests enjoy being able to eat, drink, lounge, and hold events when the weather is nice. If you own restaurants, hotels, casinos, resorts, special event areas, or wedding venues, you may want to consider adding an Arcadia Pergola to your outdoor space.

Commercial Arcadia Pergola and Progressive Screens

The Arcadia Pergola will allow you to use your space more, provide greater comfort to guests, and enhance the beauty of your location.

Turn an existing patio or deck into a three-season room

Our Arcadia Pergola system is the perfect three-season room for a number of businesses. Whether you’re looking to expand a functional restaurant patio, add a beautiful outdoor living space at a hotel or casino, or are looking for an outdoor space for a special event area or wedding venue, an Arcadia Pergola is the perfect option.

The louvered roof system works for all weather; simply rotate the louvers to let in sunshine, provide shade, or protect from rain. The pergola can allow you to use the space more efficiently while wowing customers with its beauty.

We also have a number of accessories and add-ons that can be designed into the pergola to allow you to use the space close to year round. Progressive screens can protect guests from bugs, wind, and bright light, fans and heaters can keep the space temperate, and we can add luxury items like fireplaces or televisions to make the space inviting.

Expand what you have or design your Arcadia Pergola while you build

Perhaps you already have a patio or deck you’re looking to improve. Or, maybe you’re building a new location and want to know your options. No matter which scenario you’re in, we can help. Our team can either help you design a louvered roof system for your current space, or we can work directly with your construction crew and architects as you’re building.

The Arcadia Pergola can be built in a number of places: overtop a patio or deck, on a front porch, as a freestanding structure, or over a pavilion.

We offer gutter systems designed for a lifetime

In addition to our outdoor living options, we also are specialized in gutters and gutter protection systems. This is a unique service we offer, because unlike other installers and contractors, we install seamless DuraTrac gutters and Valor Gutter Guards. These are top-of-the-line gutter and gutter protection systems which ensure your business is safe from water damage, rot, and mold and mildew.

They are also aesthetically pleasing, and will add significant beauty to your building. Our Altimate Gutter systems are the perfect blend of style and function.