5 Ways Outdoor Spaces Grow Your Restaurant Business

5 Ways Outdoor Spaces Grow Your Restaurant Business

Everyone loves to spend time outside when the weather is nice. And spending time outside with good food and good company? There’s nothing better.

When it comes to eating outdoors, we here in the midwest are only given a few months in the summer to enjoy outdoor eating and entertainment. Or are we? At Alt’s, we offer louvered roof systems, retractable awnings, and progressive screens that can be used to make your outdoor space a 3-season room. There are options, but no matter what setup you choose, an outdoor space gives patrons the option of sitting outside. With inside dining, sometimes it feels just like they’re eating around the dinner table at home. But with outdoor dining, the experience becomes a mini getaway. It’s like adding a miniature vacation spot to your establishment. Here we go over some of the top 5 advantages to having an outdoor space in a restaurant, and how they can grow your business significantly.

Live entertainment

Whether it’s free or not, live entertainment is a win-win. Patrons can sit outside comfortably and enjoy the sounds of a live band. The band can also be local, drawing even more local business. An outdoor space allows you to offer entertainment, and by doing so, significantly increase the talk around town about your restaurant.

Event space/private meetings

The outdoor space is not just reserved for entertainment, because it can also be used to host private events and meetings. Patrons can host birthday parties, informal meetings, conferences – you name it.

Enjoying nature

People coming in might be hungry and wanting to get some fresh air, all at the same time. Having an outdoor space satisfies both, and gives them all the more reason to come to your establishment. And if the weather is especially nice, they have more incentive to hang out for longer than they might indoors.

Visually appealing

A restaurant with an outdoor space stands out, especially when it’s beautifully designed. It adds some outdoorsy flair to the building, and also gives it a casual yet polished appearance. People driving by and looking for a place to eat are likely to see others sitting outside, enjoying themselves. This is often overlooked with indoor eateries, because passerby can’t see the patrons relaxing and enjoying their meals. With an outdoor space, they can. It’s like bonus advertising.

Word of mouth

Throw all of these advantages together, and people will have much to talk about when it comes to your restaurant. They can share the news of a live band coming over the weekend, or how warm it will be next week, a perfect time to eat outside. Not only does outside dining give people a reason to eat at your restaurant, but it gets them talking about what else they can do there.

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