Protect your patio from wind, sun, and rain with a motorized Progressive Screen

Protect your patio from wind, sun, and rain with a motorized Progressive Screen

Truly take control of the elements with a retractable solar screen. Our Progressive Screens aren’t your ordinary screen. This is a top-of-the-line, functional, durable, beautiful screen option that thoroughly eliminates issues that are found in similar motorized screens.

Progressive Screen’s MagnaTrack design solves nearly 98 percent of the common service issues associated with similar products. The screen is held between two strong magnets, which ensure a smooth, consistent deployment of the screen and constant tension on the screen after deployment, keeping the screen taught and secure. Other motorized screens are prone to unwinding, tangling, and breaking in the case they are improperly deployed.

The Progressive Screen is also extremely durable, and in the case of an object or person falling into it, the magnets release to allow slack. Once the object is removed, the screen and magnets snap back in place.

Get privacy, shade, and wind blockage with this beautiful screen

Made from mesh and fabrics, a Progressive Screen can block up to 97 percent UV rays, providing you with shade during the day. It also provides a sturdy barrier to prevent insects and acts as a privacy shield anytime you need it.

The screens come in different colors that function differently, depending on your needs. White and light colored fabrics are reflective of light and provide complete privacy during the day but at night they have a reverse effect. Black and dark colors are absorbent of light and provide the best visibility day and night. Standard colors options are white, bronze, beige, ivory, black, and adobe.

The screen also blocks a significant amount of wind, with as little as 3 percent airflow. During winter it can keep heat in and during summer provide a windbreak during blustery days. It can even block winds up to 85 miles an hour!

The motorized screen can deploy at the press of a button

When you’re ready for shade or privacy, the Progressive screen is ready to deploy as soon as you hit the button. It’s controlled by a remote control that can be handheld or installed wherever is most convenient for you.

The motorized screen also provides obstacle detection. In the case it bumps into something as it is being lowered, it raises and lowers three times. If the object hasn’t budged, the screen automatically retracts back up. This makes it user-friendly and almost issue free. You don’t have to worry about the screen continuing to deploy and spinning screen everywhere.

The motorized screen can deploy at the press of a button

Other features and benefits:

  • Made from extruded aluminum durability, with rust-free stainless steel fasteners for
  • Solar screens block anywhere from 50% to 97% UV rays
  • Super heavyweight bar for smooth operation and no hang-ups when deploying
  • Felt pile underweight bar seals better against grout lines, pavers, and uneven surfaces
  • Vinyl coated screen materials are easily cleaned and resistant to breakage
  • Powder coated aluminum ensures no chipping, peeling, or bubbling of the paint
  • Proprietary interlock and MagnaTrack reduces almost all potential service issues inherent of other motorized screen systems