Control Your Outdoor Environment Without Lifting A Finger

How Does it Work ?

Watch the video below to learn how the StruXure works and how people use it to create the perfect outdoor oasis.

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Unmatched Functionality. Superior Quality. State-of-the-Art Technology.

Outdoor living spaces get good use during the summer but aren’t always usable during spring, fall, or winter. Extreme heat and cold aren’t ideal for using our patios and decks. And during storms, patio furniture can be damaged and shorten its lifecycle.

You don’t have to move to Florida to take control of your outdoor living space.  You can control your outdoor living even in Ohio.

At Alt’s, we transform patios into luxurious outdoor living spaces.

Whether you have a patio, deck, front porch, or pavilion you’d like covered, we can help. StruXure Pergolas can be added to an existing home or as a free-standing structure. And if you’re starting from scratch, we can help design your outdoor living space.

With StruXure Pergolas, you’ll get:

The StruXure Pergola can be custom designed to meet any architectural style and is available in a range of neutral colors. Made from extruded aluminum beams, the frames are extremely strong and durable.

In addition, the StruXure Pergola can be designed with optional add-ons to make it the most luxurious outdoor space possible. Get started with our automated screens, phone controlled app, rain and wind detection, fans, lights, infrared heaters, misting fans, wall enclosures, and more.

The StruXure Pergola can even detect precipitation and close
automatically to protect your patio furniture.

The louvered slats rotate 170 degrees to protect from the elements. During rain showers and storms, they overlap and lie flat to create a watertight roof. Each StruXure Pergola has an integrated gutter system that is built into the perimeter of the structure, with hidden downspouts in the columns.

In addition, the pergola is rated for winds up to 115 miles an hour and has a built-in wind sensor that closes the slats when winds reach 20 miles an hour to protect the patio from winds. In the case of high winds in excess of 60 miles an hour, the roof opens back up to protect it from damage.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

15 Years

Structural Components

10 Years

Manual Operator

5 Years

Electrical Components & Drive Motor

Enjoy Your Patio, Deck, Or Front Porch Anytime With StruXure Pergola

With the StruXure Pergola, you can relax and spend time outdoors regardless of the weather. See, this isn’t your traditional patio cover. It’s a louvered roof system that opens and closes to provide either sun, shade, or shelter giving you the ultimate comfort.

And when the louvers are shut, it creates a watertight seal to protect you while rain channels direct precipitation into the built-in gutter system.

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Transform your patio into a luxurious outdoor living room
with the StruXure Pergola

This is the next generation of patio covers. Not only does it provide the ultimate functionality, but it is also a beautiful and valuable addition to your home. You’ll wow guests and enjoy your home more, all while significantly increasing the value of your home. Unlike traditional options such as awnings or permanent roofs, a StruXure Pergola is designed to allow light and warmth to travel into your home (especially in the winter) through the open louvers. This creates a bright inviting space, both indoors and out for you to enjoy. Other methods make the home cold, dark, and dingy, while the StruXure Pergola truly allows you to enjoy all types of weather.

We can install a StruXure Pergola in a number of places:

  • On your deck or patio
  • As a free-standing structure
  • As a front porch
  • Over a pavilion
You shouldn’t be limited to enjoying your outdoor living space only when it’s sunny and warm outside. By upgrading to a high-quality louvered roof system, you can get more use out of this living space and control your outdoor environment without lifting a finger.