When it comes to the StruXure Pergola, you have options that a traditional pergola can’t beat

The StruXure Pergola is the perfect outdoor living solution. Unlike traditional pergola designs, it’s built from sturdy aluminum, which makes it strong enough to withstand rain and wind while requiring nearly no maintenance.

With the StruXure Pergola, you can relax and spend time outdoors regardless of the weather. Whether you want to enjoy the shade, catch some rays or get a little of both, you can do all of that and more with the StruXure Pergola.

StruXure Pergola vs traditional pergolaThe StruXure Pergola versus a traditional design

Traditionally, pergolas are made from wood, with slats that provide minimal shade from the sun and don’t shield from rain. Essentially, they are pretty decor but offer no real function. The wood will need maintenance, and eventually will need refinished or replaced.

The StruXure Pergola improves on the design of the traditional pergola, combining beauty with function. Instead of wooden slats, our StruXure Pergola uses a louvered roof system which opens and closes to provide either sun, shade, or shelter as you need. The louvers can pivot 170 degrees to provide a range of options depending on the weather of the hour. Made from extruded aluminum beams, the frames are extremely strong and durable and can span more than 20 feet between columns.

We can design the StruXure Pergola to be a three-season room

Because of the open slats, a traditional pergola can only be used on nice, warm days. During rainy days, it provides no shelter and during extreme heat there is little to no shade.

Conversely, a StruXure Pergola can be custom designed to function as a three-season room with heaters, fans, and screens. During the summer, open the screens, angle the louvers, and turn on the fans and the pergola will provide a well-ventilated, shady outdoor space. In the winter, close the screens and louvers and turn on the heaters to use the space in the late fall and early spring.

By using motorized progressive screens, we can create a space that has up to 97 UV protection and that can provide as little as 3 percent airflow. This allows you to either keep heat in or out. If you’re interested in 100 percent protection, we also offer clear vinyl windows and walls.

It is also completely water-tight. When the louvers are shut, rain channels direct precipitation into the built-in gutter system.

There are many more add-ons to make the StruXure Pergola a luxurious outdoor space, including remote controls, televisions, lights, and a sliding roof.

Increase the value of your home by adding luxury to your patio

A StruXure Pergola isn’t just a beautiful addition to your home, it’s a functional and desirable luxury piece that will significantly add value to your home. It can be added onto an existing home, or can be designed and installed during the homebuilding process. Plus, we can match any architectural style and there is a range of neutral colors to choose from.

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