Outdoor Rooms

Enclosed Outdoor Rooms to Extend Your Living Space

Altimate Outdoor Rooms offers comprehensive solutions for your outdoor living needs, including our outdoor oasis spaces. These outdoor rooms are designed to give you the enclosure you need from the elements but the views you desire from every side. Extend your living space further with these stunning, high-quality, enclosed rooms. Choose from several sizes, each one offering a different look that’s right for you.

11 by 14 Barcelona

11x14 Barcelona

Enjoy a modern outdoor oasis with bi-fold windows and lots of functional space. Get the privacy you want in your backyard.

11 by 14 Resort

11x14 Resort

This resort is all about relaxation and entertainment, with a large skylight dome in the center. Enhance this piece with our bay kit for more space.

11 by 11 Kelowna or 11 by 14 Kelowna

11x11 or 11x14 Kelowna

Choose from two sizes and enjoy all of the space you need including big windows that let the breeze in. This fully enclosed room gives you ample entertainment space, too.

11x14 Colorado

11x14 Colorado

Take things to the next level with this enclosed space with huge folding doors that slide out of the way to allow you to take in the outdoors with ease.

Why invest in Altimate Outdoor Rooms?

Our rooms are designed to provide you with everything you need to fully enjoy the outdoors. Use them as a home office if you are working from home and want to get away from the noise in your home. Use them as an office or a separate space for you to enjoy some quiet and relaxation. You can even use them as a party venue or the perfect place to host a group of friends. There’s no limit to the way you can use our outdoor oasis rooms to create the experience you desire.

Are you dreaming of having the perfect outdoor oasis in your backyard?

Let us help you bring those dreams to life by scheduling a free in-home design consultation today!