Rain Water Harvesting

With One Of Our Rainwater Harvesting Systems, You Can Reap The Benefits Of Pure, Natural Water

City Water (a.k.a. “Hard Water”) Contains Impurities, Can KILL Your Garden, And Cause Your Washed Clothes To Look Dingy And Feel Ragged. Rainwater Is Cleaner, Packs More Nutrients For Your Plants, And Is Softer For Washing.

Not all water is created equal. Sure, you can’t visibly see the difference between city water and rainwater. But it’s the small, invisible stuff in water that drastically affects its quality.

Consider These Facts About City Water

City water can contain harmful agents like arsenic (considered toxic by the Food and Drug Administration), perchlorate (can cause thyroid and asthma problems), and nitrates (also toxic, and sometimes used to make explosives!).

City water is considered “hard” water, which means it’s high in mineral content (such as calcium and magnesium). City water can actually kill your plants, and is very rough on laundry and anything you clean with it. In addition to high mineral content, city water also lacks the nutrients of pure water.

In many areas, existing public water supplies are reaching their maximum distribution capabilities. Many water utility providers have responded by attempting to limit the number of times water can be accessed, employing tier pricing to encourage decreased usage and limiting the availability of new service.

Compare This To The Benefits Of Pure Rainwater

Rainwater packs nutrients that help plants grow. It is free of salts and other minerals that harm root growth. As rainwater percolates into the soil, it forces salts down and away from root zones, allowing roots to grow better and making plants more drought tolerant. Your garden will flourish into a mini-jungle.

Rainwater can be used as a supplemental water supply, so you can slash your water bill.

Rainwater is “soft” water, meaning it has none of the metal cations (ions like magnesium that are found in hard water) city water has. This makes rainwater much better for washing clothes, your car, and anything else.

We install Rainwater Harvesting systems near Findlay, OH and Toledo, OH, so you can the purest form of water in the world. Here’s how it works: You choose the kind of Rainwater Harvesting system you want (if you’re unsure what you want, we will help you make the best decision based on your needs). You have two options when it comes to rainwater harvesting:

Option 1: The first option is to install a Rain Barrel. These barrels can hold anywhere from 60 to 1,000+ gallons of rainwater and are installed beneath one of your downspouts. You might be thinking, “Well, I don’t really want a big, unsightly barrel taking up space around my home.” But don’t worry—our Rainwater Barrels look stylish and will blend perfectly with your home.

Option 2: Your second option is to have us install an Underground Drainage System. We will install your tank underground and hook up a series of pipes to it. The rainwater will flow directly into the underground tank. We can also install pumps that will give your underground system the same amount of water pressure as your city’s system.

Help Keep Your Neighborhood Flood-FREE

Flooding from heavy downpours occurs pretty regularly in these areas. And as we’ve seen firsthand, just a few inches of flood water can cause THOUSANDS of dollars in damage.

Rainwater Harvesting Helps Combat These Destructive Deluges

When you harvest rainwater, you are catching water that would normally fall into your community’s sewers. Rainwater harvesting near Toledo, Findlay, OH and surrounding areas helps prevent the sewers from overflowing and spilling into the streets and landscape.

Since rainwater harvesting is still a relatively “new” concept, not many homeowners have considered it—or even know it exists. But if even just half of a community harvested rainwater, it would significantly reduce flooding caused by torrential rainstorms and prevent thousands of dollars in damage.

By harvesting rainwater in Toledo, Findlay, OH, Sylvania and the surrounding areas, you are doing YOUR part to help keep your neighborhood safe from the destructive flooding that occurs each year. Rainwater harvesting is an easy way to “go green,” help protect your community, and reap the benefits that only pure, natural water can give.

So if you’d like to know more about owning a Rainwater Harvesting System—or if you just have a question or two about rainwater harvesting in general—contact us today. We have experts on standby to give you the answers.